Mission Statement

Working to build healthy communities every day

Adopted by the Warren County Board of Health on September 16, 2014; Motion #60-2014

Vision Statement

All Members of Our Community are Well and Living in a Healthy Community

Adopted by the Warren County Board of Health on September 16, 2014; Motion #60-2014


The earliest records available showing the existence of the Warren County Health Department are the minutes of a June 1941 Board of Health meeting showing that a budget was approved for the sum of $6000. This budget was for the year 1942 and included the salaries for four employees: the health commissioner, a public health nurse, a clerk and a sanitary officer. However, it is believed that the Warren County Health Department was organized in the 1920’s in response to epidemics of influenza and may have been under the control of another political entity.

Over the years since the 1920s, Warren County’s health department has evolved into the Warren County Combined Health District, signifying not only health services for the county, but also for the cities of Franklin, Lebanon, Mason, and Springboro.

A staff of 60 plus employees presently provides many health services to residents of Warren County, Ohio. Funding from fees, local health levy, state grants and subsidies provides the finances for a five million dollar budget. Please go to the other drop down menus to see all the services being provided.

The Warren County Combined Health District serves to protect the environment and health of all county residents. The professional staff and support personnel strive to give the best service possible within the law and within its financial means, and look forward to continue serving the residents of Warren County for years to come.

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