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National Nutrition Month Tips of the Week

Start your morning off right with a healthy breakfast! Try an egg and veggie omelette or whole grain peanut butter toast. Drink with milk for even more protein and nutrients!

Try replacing one sugary beverage with 8 ounces of water! You will save about 200 calories and 40 grams of sugar.

Be sure to pair a high protein source with every meal! Meat, chicken, fish, eggs,  dairy, nuts, and nut butters are all great options!

Aim for whole fruits and vegetables! Be sure to consume three times as many vegetables as fruits throughout your day.

Stay hydrated! Aim for drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water daily. Are you an athlete? Performance decreases 24% for every 1% level of dehydration (if you’re thirsty, you’ve passed 1%)!

Eating Disorder Tips of the Week

Ask to be involved in your loved one’s treatment. There are many stigmas from the outside world that can cause shame to those suffering from eating disorders. Engaging in therapy to the degree in which they are comfortable sends a positive, accepting message.

Be sure to educate yourself on the symptoms of eating disorders before approaching a friend/family member. Being informed and picking a calm and quiet time to address the issue will allow for a much better outcome.

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