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Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Response

One of the primary roles of the Warren County Health District is to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. We are continually preparing and modifying our emergency response plans in an effort to be capable of addressing the needs of the growing population in Warren County and to respond to emerging public health threats. Local and regional exercises test the capabilities of the emergency response plans. Training programs improve the emergency response abilities of the public health workforce. The Warren County Health District strives to have a plan that can respond to all public health emergencies from Pandemic Flu to bioterrorism to power outages.

Public Review of Emergency Response Plans

In order to better develop our plans, the WCHD is seeking public feedback regarding the content of our Emergency Response Plan. If you would like a copy of our Emergency Response Plan or would like to send us feedback, please contact the Emergency Response Coordinator.

Contact Dustin Ratliff at (513) 695-1271 or to requests a copy of the emergency response plan.