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Food Protection

The Food Safety Program is concerned with the sanitary operation of the restaurants, retail food establishments (grocery stores), mobile food operations, vending machine locations, as well as temporary food booths at festival events in Warren County. Our Environmental Health Staff review plans and equipment lists on new operations to ensure a clean, sanitary start in the food operation business.

Each food operation in Warren County is inspected two to four times a year to ensure the sanitation of the operation does not deteriorate allowing food to be sold that could result in illness. The inspection frequency depends on the risk posed and past quality of the operation. Mobile and Temporary Food Operations are also inspected during festivals and special events. Information on obtaining each of the Food Service Licenses can be found in the Documents section to the right or below.

4 Steps to Food Safety

Fees are subject to change at any time. We will do our best to keep these fees updated. Please verify the fee when calling in or during your visit.
Fee TypeTotal
Commercial Level 1 < 25000 Sq.Ft$178
Commercial Level 2 < 25000 Sq.Ft$198
Commercial Level 3 < 25000 Sq.Ft$328
Commercial Level 4 < 25000 Sq.Ft$408
Commercial Level 1 > 25000 Sq.Ft$228
Commercial Level 2 > 25000 Sq.Ft$238
Commercial Level 3 > 25000 Sq.Ft$788
Commercial Level 4 > 25000 Sq.Ft$828
Non-Commercial Level 1 < 25000 Sq.Ft$89
Non-Commercial Level 2 < 25000 Sq.Ft$99
Non-Commercial Level 3 < 25000 Sq.Ft$164
Non-Commercial Level 4 < 25000 Sq.Ft$204
Non-Commercial Level 1 > 25000 Sq.Ft$114
Non-Commercial Level 2 > 25000 Sq.Ft$119
Non-Commercial Level 3 > 25000 Sq.Ft$394
Non-Commercial Level 4 > 25000 Sq.Ft$414
Mobile Food Service Operations$123
Temporary FSO/RFE$60
Non-Commercial Temporary FSO/RFE$30
Vending Location$17
Facility Plan Review Fee $150
Expedited Plan Review Fee (within three (3) business days)$500