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Weekly Nutrition & Wellness Weekly Tips – 8/29/22

Nutrition is impacted by a lot of things, including sleep. Be sure to check out this article about how sleep can influence eating habits and weight gain.

The Sleep-Weight Connection

September Nutrition Cooking Class

It is officially in the books! We will have our first in-person nutrition class on Monday, September 26th from 5:30-6:30 pm. Our theme will be healthy Halloween and fall meals/treats.

The event will be taking place at the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center in Lebanon. This facility has been extremely gracious in allowing us to use their facility and kitchen. We are so grateful for them! The participants for this event will be first come, first serve. We can only take 10 people, so please let me know soon about your interest. We will definitely do more in the future, but since this is new for us, we are starting on a smaller scale.

**In order to participate, you MUST fill out the JDC Consent waiver before I will add you to my list. This waiver consents to a background check and ensures that you will abide by the facility regulations. We want to keep this a safe environment for all our participants and the patrons in the establishment.

Cooking Class Menu