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Weekly Nutrition & Wellness Weekly Tips – 12/27/22 

I hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday and have been enjoying your days off! As we go into the new year, I am providing you with a kittle homework, Please see the article below. Try to come up with two goals for the year using the “Mental Health Self Care Wheel.” There are physical, emotional, spiritual, and many other aspects of health. Ensure that the goal is “SMART.”

  • S: specific (how often will you exercise, how long will your sessions last, where will you exercise?)
  • M: measurable
  • A: attainable
  • R: relevant
  • T: time-bound

Action Plan:

  • Think what, when, where, how here. Do we need to pack clothes/snacks, bring your bible or journal with you to work, etc.
  • What is your why? Wanting it bad enough and being consistent are the biggest factors!
  • What are support systems around you that can help you get where you want to be?
  • What are potential barriers you foresee? How do you plan to overcome them?


Health/Goal Wheel

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Weekly Nutrition & Wellness Weekly Tips – 11/14/22

Hi All!
Please see some food for thought regarding sleep and exercise. Be sure to prioritize sleep and manage your time effectively to fit in a workout. Use your lunch breaks for walks, take the stairs, park your car farther away from buildings, or consider getting a standing desk. Every little bit counts! If it is important to you, you will make it happen.

Article of the week:

Support and follow the Health District!

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Weekly Nutrition & Wellness Weekly Tips – 10/25/22

Hello Everyone!

It is getting to be a busy, stressful time of year. Just because you are lacking focus or are struggling with healthy choices does not mean you should avoid me. I am here to help through all the hard stuff. I am always available to meet via phone call or video chat if you are unable to meet in person. Keep prioritizing your health. We will be more successful together!

In light of stress management, today’s videos is about taking mental breaks. I had a mental recharge day yesterday, and I am feeling so refreshed! What are some things you do to reset mentally and emotionally? It is a part of health too!

Link to Video:

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Weekly Nutrition & Wellness Weekly Tips – 10/18/22

Good Morning!

This week, we are focusing on getting more vegetables. Vegetables are low in calories, but packed with nutrients. Vegetables contain phytochemicals, or various pigments that promote different health processes in the body. Vegetables are also packed with fiber to help with cholesterol and digestive health. See below about phytochemicals.

How to Sneak in Vegetables

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